KunstMusik #17

As announced in our last edition, with KunstMusik 17 we are continuing our thoughts
on intonation in a second part. Once again in this issue: composers, musicians,
sound and radio artists ask themselves questions about the fine unanimity of sounds.
Complex systems (re-)define with a “yes” or a “no” the tightly knit foundations
of our sound environment and the often tautly stretched surface of traditional listening habits. “In tune” or “out of tune” become either inclusive or exclusive criteria. Foreign or not, belonging or not? The nuance of a shift gains a social component. With an entire catalogue of questions, the American composer Andrew McIntosh takes on the challenge of finding answers and draws near to the interplay between
composer and audience. Here he connects with Christian Wolff, who – as he admits
himself – was not blessed with perfect pitch, but at the same time meets microtonal
shifts of textbook definitions with an “accurate” intonation.
Our special thanks go to the Berlin based Canadian composer Marc Sabat who
was able to enthuse numerous colleagues into contributing to these two issues.
We would also like to thank all of you who have given us the opportunity to share
diverse thoughts and experiences from their artistic practices.

Maria de Alvear & World Edition Team

KunstMusik #16
On Intonation – Double Feature (part 1)

Clarence Barlow · Adrian Koye · Marc Sabat · Gerhard Schultz · Wolfgang von Schweinitz · Chiyoko Szlavnics · Antje Vowinckel · Jeremy Woodruff



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