Modisti-Archive started as a magazine printed on paper with the name of hurly burly in late 1997. After a period of two years in which the printed format was combined with web presence, hurly burly became an online publication under the name of Modisti.

Today, Modisti is an interactive virtual environment for new music.

An online directory with information with regard to experimental music & sound art, it’s performers and enthusiats, thru lists promotion activities such as concerts, festivals, etc., as well as record releases.

Using our search tools, you can find information stored on our Archive for the last five years

Modisti has also a netlabel specializing in multichannel audio in which you can propose your works to be published

Modisti live in Spain. Our postal address is

C. Barrio Nuevo 37
Villamanta 28610
Madrid Spain

You can contact us using the contact page

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Until now, if you wanted to enjoy something, you had to buy it first. From now you can enjoy, whether you purchase or not purchase. This allows those who can not afford to buy, can access it the same way as those who can. But that does not mean the things we enjoy are made with less effort than before and have no value. But, some people have decided to fight to achieve this state of affairs. We don’t close the door to those who can not contribute, but with the goodwill of those who can, to some extent, help us all get. It is your decision that this become possible.

Modisti is a independent international non profit organisation supported by voluntary donations.

Modisti maintains a constant negative, to the frequent advertising tenders received, whose contents are unrelated to the content offered on our pages.

If you want to keep it running, you can help us to achieve it. Any donation, however small helps us a lot

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Modisti also offers the possibility for organizations and institutions to become sponsors of the site, and obtain permanent coverage of activities as long as their contents are related to experimental music. sound art etc. through a minimum annually donation

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