Hazy Montagne Mystique . Alison, c’est ma copine à moi

Alison, c'est ma copine à moi

The sacred mountain is covered with a shimmering rainbow tundra and sparkling mysteries. At the mountaintop, the meeting of kraut gaze, freak spirit and northern lights’ freedom. Never discouraged, he meets his interstellar and love of his eyes. He swims alone with his walkman in his musical influences and drowns. Hazy Montagne Mystique is the sonic project of Chittakone Baccam, member of Jeunesse Cosmique collective and activist in tribal band Les Ghost’s of Ghazals and alchemist for A Sacred Cloud.

He collaborated with many experimental runaways from his collective and also with visual artists like Guillaume Vallée. The album «Alison, c’est ma copine à moi», created for the label Kohlenstoff, is his universe written in symbols and codes to make the listener travel towards an impossible imaginary dream. He follows his dream, teaming up with artists sharing the same vision. Knowing the road is long, he is ready to live the adventures on his way to other peaks.

Tape available here: jeunessecosmique.bandcamp.com/album/alison-cest-ma-copine-moi

Hazy Montagne Mystique

Alison, c’est ma copine à moi


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Hazy Montagne Mystique: guitare, field recordings, maxi-korg 1975, collages.
Maude: Maude

Art: Shota

Merci: Catherine xx, K o h l e n s t o f f, Jeunesse Cosmique, Shota Nakamura et Maude.

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