The very nature and poetic vision of “#5Poems”, arose from the artistic collaboration between Globoscuro, Una Lee and Peter Wullen, demands slow movements and mucoid formations so that the listener does not realize a new segue right from the get-go. Majestically swirling, magnanimously flittering, the basic premise never changes, even the textural range emits the self-imposed set of intrinsic sonic anarchy. Rhythmic and moody alterations are allowed to materialize a multiplexed chromaticity, or rather a madcap constancy. The caressing acting voice remains the reliable force, the vesicular aorta of each track, calculably pulsating for thousands of seconds in order to fight against shards of sound battling among themselves to merge into a lava of a meticulous irrationality. It is the heartbeat of a dreaming organism, an arcane leitmotif into a coxswain, a vade-mecum which encapsulates the listener’s trust to guide him or her through the thickly wadded fog banks, frozen diffusion and devastated rooms of a futuristic asylum. The stabilized ultraviolet effulgence of this flow of sound offer poetry, folly, sensuality, anger, wildness, solace, solitude, melancholia and become curiously benign and cordial as the languorous influx floats on.

© 2015
Music written and composed by Globoscuro (Emiliano Pietrini)
Poems written by Peter Wullen
Acting voice by Una Lee (Mina Kimovi?)
Cover Art and graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini

#deadporn was inspired by ‘Seestück/Seascape’ by Heimrad Bäcker, originally published by Literaturverlag Droschl as Neue Texte 32 and translated by Patrick Greaney, Ugly Duckling Presse.

#frogporn is an excerpt from Jan Swammerdam’s ‘Book of Nature’ cited by Tim Birkhead, ‘Promiscuity’, ‘Sperm, Ejaculates & Ova’, page 108-109.

#unicornporn was dedicated to LaMetàfisica, it is a quote from Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell about barnacles, excerpt from Tim Birkhead, ‘Promiscuity’, ‘Competition, Choice and Sexual Conflict’, page 14.

#insectporn is a critique on social media. words by Peter Wullen.

#godporn Stolen words by LaMetàfisica with her permission.




Special thanks to Alessandra Zerbinati for the endless and deep artistic inspiration.


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