German experimental underground 015 survey

9th Unexplained Sounds Group survey, focused on Germany experimental scene.

Everybody knows how important is the rule of Germany about the electronic music foundation and innovation. Since 50’s with K.H.Stockhausen, and going on through the 70’s Cosmic Couriers, until the contemporary experimentation, electronic music wouldn’t exist like we know it without them.

This survey presents two honor guests, Maurizio Bianchi aka MB in collaboration with Pharmakustic, and William Bennett aka WHITEHOUSE in collaboration with Zeitkratzer collective.

A special thank goes to Thomas Herbst of Karlrecords, and to Siegmar Fricke for their collaboration.
Also thanks to Christian Fiesel Fzk Wolf) who runs a very good radio transmission on MODUL 303

Edited by Unexplained Sounds Group
Curated by Sonologyst ( )
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