Edø Pistø Sømi – Error : dot: can’t open (2015)

Error : dot: cant open

Edø Pistø Sømi’s “Error:dot:can’t open” is a sophisticated release!!! Sophisticated in the true sense of the word as this artist takes the listener on a ten-track journey into a bizarro world of psychology, philosophical vestiges, thereminesque Space-Age protuberances and other experiments of the aural/noisy kind. Cautiously dissonant neon strings float through the ether, their rectilineal physiognomy functioning as the golden diaphanous thread. Textures and surfaces are stacked onto each other, glued together, meshed in tandem; a charming and fascinating polylayered trip!!!

LINK TO LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD: archive.org/details/EdoPistoSomi_Errordotcantopen_HCR2015

© 2015
Music written and composed by Edoardo Dottilio Pistolesi

Cover Art and graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini.

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