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Doing Sounding Exchanging Thinking is a symposium that considers an intersection of ‘the sonic’, ‘knowledge sharing’, and ‘social action’ by expanding the idea of a performance-lecture to encompass a daylong symposium event. It will employ a cross-practice dialogue for artists, researchers, and audience to examine the sonic as articulated through notions of agency and performative practices.
The Symposium hosts a number of internationally renowned practitioners and academic researchers. It provides an array of responses to how sonic practices are implicated in the social and what the conditions for these engagements can be. There are three types of presentation: Invited speakers, commissioned contributions that will be enacted by thickear, and presentations by researchers currently active in research institutes in the Netherlands.
Presentations by:
Mark Bain
Justin Bennett
Thought Collider (Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret)
Commissioned contributions (enacted by thickear) from:
Brandon LaBelle
Christof Migone
Kim Noble
Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud)
David Toop
Salomé Voegelin + David Mollin
Research presentations by:
Teresa Cos (Jan Van Eyck Academie)
Giovanni Papini (Jan Van Eyck Academie) + Alex Rothera
Linnea Semmerling (Maastricht University)
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thickear are Geoff Howse, Jack James, Kevin Logan, and Tadeo Sendon.
Made with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fonds

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