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The one track album “Inverno”, arose from the collaboration between Globoscuro and December Nightskies, is a semi-lachrymose coruscating diorama comprising of heavily processed and hence oneiric guitar feedback, synthetic square flumes and pristine reverb-related magnetotails deriving from a cross-linked textures. The morphogenesis is firmly set, the album follow leave the paths of a seraphic incandescence throughout its aural existence. Longitudinal colchicine cloudlets, purified voices and vesiculating cristae cause a bosky sentiment that is interpolated further by the saffron-colored guitar covered in cherubic ecomorphs and fragements of poetry. Aeriform, periglacial and spheroidal, the droning airwaves reciprocate between monoclinic wind gusts and the thermal heat as emitted by the rural-sylvan diffeomorphism of the liquedous licks. It seems as if the shards of the eponymous mirror are caulked and calcined, plasticized into a caproic mélange.


Music written and composed by Kendall Keeler and Emiliano Pietrini
Acting voice by Emiliano Pietrini
Cover Art and graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini

The album is conceived and inspired by the poem “WINTER” by Kendall Keeler.

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