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software edition

Egregore – source is an adaptation of the software used by chdh for the performance egregore in 2011-2014. It is made of five different audiovisual instruments that you can directly control. They will be played remotely via internet by chdh for a one time only live performance the 27 may 2015.
You can play, adapt, and use these audiovisual instruments for yourself. They are based on physical modeling and chaotic algorithms entirely build in the Pure Data software.

Egregore - source

A. Egregore software
B. Algorithm map
C. Source code
D. Open Models, text by Atau Tanaka

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“Égregore source” is an edition that transpose a performance work of the chdh collective on digital media: the source code of the “egregore” performance is made fully available as a software to download or as a usb key. Beyond the documentary aspect, this edition aims to exploit the physical dispersion of this digital support, in order to develop a broadcasting structure for a networked audiovisual performance. The multiple personal computers hosting the software constitute a distributed “stage”, where the artists will be able to interpret “egregore” remotely by sending a data flow that activate the provided software. These control data are then stored on a server, and remain accessible and usable with the software.

Adapted from the egregore performance 2011/2014.
Remotely played the 27 MAY 2015 21:00 CET.
Linux / OSX / Windows


egregore - sourceGraphic design by Jean-Baptiste Parré
Produced by ART KILL ART
with the support of Césaré / iMAL / HS63 / DICREAM / AFIM
AKA 13 – 2015
ltd. ed. 233 ex.

Nicolas Montgermont explores the physicality of waves in different forms. He is interested in the reality of waves in space, the way they move and change, the links between a source and our perception, by designing setups that create a sensitive exploration of their poetic essence. He works with sound waves mainly through the vibration of materials and their propagation, natural and artificial electromagnetic waves in the form of radio landscapes, gravitational and sidereal energies through the double prism astronomy / astrology. He creates installations, often in collaboration with Cécile Beau and formerly in the Art of Failure collective, in which time is of particular importance and allows an intimate appropriation of these materials and energy, he is also active in the audiovisual performance field with chdh and in the experimental music with BCK and Yi King Operators. He has published several editions on Art Kill Art. His projects are shown in many centers in Europe and elsewhere (Club Transmediale, Elektra, MusikProtokoll, Fondation Vasarely, Palais de Tokyo, WRO, iMAL, PixelACHE, ...) . Nicolas Montgermont explore la physicalité des ondes sous ses différentes formes. Il s'intéresse à la réalité des ondes dans l'espace, à la manière dont elles se déplacent et se transforment, aux liens entre une source et notre perception en concevant des dispositifs qui créent une exploration sensible de leur essence poétique. Il travaille les ondes sonores principalement à travers les vibrations des matériaux et leurs propagations, les ondes électromagnétiques naturelles et artificielles sous la forme de paysages radios, les énergies gravitationnelles et sidérales à travers le double prisme astronomie / astrologie. Il réalise des installations, souvent en collaboration avec Cécile Beau et anciennement dans le collectif Art of Failure, dans lesquelles le temps a une importance particulière qui permet de s'approprier de manière intime ces matières et énergies, il est également actif dans le domaine de la performance audiovisuelle avec chdh et dans la musique improvisée dans BCK et Yi King Operators. Il a publié plusieurs éditions chez Art Kill Art. Ses projets sont montrés dans de nombreux centres en Europe et ailleurs (Club Transmediale, Elektra, MusikProtokoll, Fondation Vasarely, Palais de Tokyo, WRO, iMAL, PixelACHE, ...) .