Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang was one of the guest artists at the 2015 Totally Huge New Music Festival. She presented two works at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) – a group composition for 14 voices, designed for the upper and lower galleries of PICA’s main exhibition space; and a solo improvised performance in the PICA Theatre next door.

CHANG 2: Gentle steps with an open mouth

This week you’ll hear Alice’s choral composition Gentle steps with an open mouth in full, plus a conversation with the artist about how she went about prepare her volunteer vocalists to perform this 22-minute work in just one afternoon workshop.

Music recorded by ABC Classic FM sound engineer Gavin Fernie and producer Stephen Adams.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and collaborators performing Chang’s ‘Gentle steps with an open mouth’ in the main gallery space at PICA during the 2015 Totally Huge New Music Festival. Photo by Stephen Adams.


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