Call for works: Fear and Sound

Fear and Sound is curatorial project with an open call for artists interested in exploring the relationship between fear and sound.

The initial concept comes from the consciously hearing while experiencing fear – when hearing seems much sharper and every sound makes an impact on the entire body and mind. This is especially interesting in an evolutionary context where hearing developed from a sense we depend on for survival into a purely communicative and aesthetic sense. With this project we would like to immerse the audience into a primal experience of sound through a curated collection of art based on the mentioned theme

Artists are invited to submit their work that can fall into many categories although preference will be given to work that uses sound or has a direct relation to sound and hearing.

The selected work will be exhibited in April 2015 at Bocs Celf, in Caernarfon, Wales.

An important aspect of the call is its restriction to artists under 30 years old (with a small amount of flexibility) – because Bocs is a gallery that focuses its work on young artists.

Bocs is able to pay the artists £40 for a workshop, plus workshop expenses if the artists decides to run a workshop, whether in Bocs or through a webinar.

To apply, please send a biography, and a CV to

Along with that please send your portoflio via a file-sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

If you intend to propose a new piece please send your proposal and artist statement (max 1000 words).
If you intend to show existing work please also send an artist statement (max 500 words).

Along with information about yourself and your art, please include:

Where you are from.
Will you be attending the opening on the 3rd of April at 6pm.
Precise technical requirements for your work.
Your contact details including email and phone.

The deadline for applications is the 6th of March.


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