When the year draws to a close, we get ready to party: ART’S BIRTHDAY is approaching!

What are you up to on 17th January 2015? Please let the world know on

If you wish to contribute gifts or gimmicks, compliments or tunes, please visit and upload your files – it’s easy, and Art would love you to be part of its “Fete Permanente” as proposed by Robert Filliou. All material can be used for further mixes or re-mixes with live material – expect your sounds to pop up in one of the upcoming Kunstradio broadcasts or in completely unexpected spots of the universe. The network is everlasting!

Kunstradio and many other radios belonging to the EBU’s Ars Acustica group are starting their celebrations already on the eve of 16th January, as usually on air on line and on site, continuing throught the night and on 17th January. In Vienna, we have prepared a first-class Art’s Birthday line-up with Tobias Leibetseder, Sprechchor und Bruno Pisek, Elisabeth Schimana und Vasja Progar, David M. Schuh, z.b. … (Tamara Wilhelm und Barbara Kaiser) and others.

Join us! Get your candles and sparklers set up, and get your paper birthday hats folded! It’s time to party! In case you forgot: It all started the 17th of January, one million fifty two years ago. A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket full of water.
Who that man was is not important. He’s dead but Art is alive…

Happy New Year!

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