Sound Matters: a creative framework is a research project lead by Ximena Alarcón & Cathy Lane, funded by JISC.

Sound Matters brings together an interdisciplinary community working in the creative use and re-use of sound, specifically field recordings and speech. The aim is to create together a framework that facilitates the interrogation and relational playback of sound in its own terms.

The Online Gathering is the second stage of this research project, it calls for open participation.

We welcome you to get involved by contributing to the Creative Framework with your practice and experience, as well as giving feedback about the ‘Stories’ which have derived from interviews with interdisciplinary academics and practitioners who use field recording and speech.

Join the Online Gathering.

Sound Matters

More about Sound Matters  

Sound Matters is a community creating interfaces for the use and re-use of field recordings and speech.
In the initial stages Sound Matters is identifying needs and coping strategies of UK and international interdisciplinary researchers, artists, students, archivists and librarians, working with non-musical sound material, specifically field recordings and speech, in their research process and creative practiceas – as well as other practitioners.

From April to June Sound Matters is engaging the community in three stages: Stage 1 (completed) – Interviews and technical review, Stage 2 (open now) – Online participation and Stage 3 (Future) – Co-design workshop.

Interview participants:
Isobel Anderson, Dr Rupert Cox, Peter Cusack, Prof. John Drever, Dr Michael Gallagher, Clay Gold, Holly Ingleton, Prof. Cathy Lane, Tullis Rennie, Dr Tom Rice, Dr. Adam Parkinson, Mark Peter Wright, Andrea Zarza, Carlos Falci, Frederic Font, David Moffat, James Knight and  Siân Mogridge.


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