Dear Modesties,

In these days I start to send out my last audio tape release.
It is a 60 minute cassette, titled S U P E R 8.

For this work I used sounds from my own recordings,
and sounds from tapes I found along the way.

A friend admitted recently he stopped listening to music.
“The form is broken.”
Would you listen to my tape then?
I asked, because he was on the ‘send to’ list.
“Somehow I treat your tapes more like books so it’s not against my disgust with music.”
was his answer.

Read and see more about S U P E R 8 here.

If you are not into music, nor into tapes that are like books,
you might be into books that really are like books.

My book Stop the Music is available (also per mail-order)
at the staalplaat shop in Berlin.
Read more about it, here.

And if you don’t like music, nor audio tapes or books,
you might be into radio.

Radio On has a couple of new programs, amongst them are
a complete coverage of the recent Berlin conference on Cyborgs,
a reconstruction of sounds that disappeared
from the beach of a fishermen’s village in Sicily by Antonio Mainenti,
new shows by a new collaborator that evoke
the feeling of the ‘old’ Berlin, by Lord Litter.
An interview and songs played live in the studio
by the Brooklyn based duo Naked Roots Conducive,
and lots more, always.

Oh, yes even my last show
Radio On FM
is currently played.
It is all about the manipulative force of music,
and includes a couple of tracks by Radikal Satan.


Greetings from the mediterranean
and have a great start of Summer, soon.


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