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cepa nº 13

Cepa Propuesta Nº13

El próximo día Viernes 23 de Enero, tendrá lugar la propuesta Nº13 del Ciclo Experimental de Propuestas Artísticas. Ciclo que […]

ElectroCaustic Trio

About: ElectroCaustic Trio

lectroCaustic Trio (ECT)consists of Zebenzui González (guitars), Jose Guillén- a.k.a. 16 Channels (audio signal processing in real time and video) y Tony Peña – a.k.a guitarFlow (electric guitar and melodic). Its artistic proposal is placed in free music. Due to the nature of this style, ECT includes another artistic disciplines such as Photography, Literature and Live Cinema. In this way, ECT is especially interested in collaborating with other artists because it is a source of enrichment and learning. In regards to the artistic influences, every member of ECT provides his own background. Taking into account all of them, some musical references could be highlighted such as the following ones: the European Music Tradition of XX century, John Cage and the American conceptualists, the ancient polyphony, the concertante mood of chamber music and the current free music pathways among others.