ANIMAL : object . unit - R

‘unit R’ started with a request to record in a friends’ new, empty, 11,000sf auto repair shop.

The 2015 Denver Noise Fest is fast approaching, and ANIMAL/object is scheduled to play the brunch aptly named ‘Harsh Toast’.

With the addition of a host of electronic goodies we wished to employ for this venture, we wanted a space we could crank it up in, and unit R filled the bill perfectly.

This is the result, so far. One shot, one recording.

Headphones encouraged…

Kurt Bauer – Chants, Electric Guitar, Kicking and throwing various things, warehouse

Steve Gordon – lyrics on 1st track written by Brad Lubman and Flux Information Sciences.
– stick bass
– Korg Monotron
– homemade mic
– drumsticks
– mallets
– pipe columns
– concrete floor
– metal stairway
– smoker
– screwdrivers
– Spitfire Engine metal sign
– toy car
– warehouse

David Mead – Shakuhachi, Amplified Percussion, Box of Dark Truths, Voice, Radio, warehouse.
Photo: Steve Gordon
Special thanks: Dave Mika – Automotive Revival
C & P 2015 Bangsnap Records


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