XeVoR has released the new album from Adern X: Liebe ist wärmer als der Zeit.

The perception of suspended time, while you see someone deserving your deepest feelings, is one of the main themes of this release as it’s deeply connected to the notion of time in- volved in the form of the tape loop. The other is the perception of space, related to the stereo channels, seen as way to express the dialectic between persons and an hint to perceive them. So, the stereo version of solaris features the stereo separation of the sinewaves and samples while the radio AM is located at center. Memories features the recording of old ana- logue tapes and their faults and similar structures apply to all tracks in some form.

“it’s about space and time. ‘Time’ through the use of tape-loops and ‘space’ through stereo separation of sounds. On the input side we find analogue tapes, radio waves, sine waves, field recordings and tape-loops. These are cut together as compositions. There seems sometimes to be a random element in this music which reminded me of John Cage’s more random mulit-media pieces (‘Variations’ for instance) [Frans De Waard – Vital Weeky]

Album is available at XeVoR release page

Adern X

About: Adern X

Adern X is a sound artist whose main focus is the manipulation of samples taken from various sources for the exploration of the laptop's manipulative abilities to (de)forming an outer sound able to communicate something. Xevor is a label runned by sound artist Adern X for the promotion and distribution of his works and projects.

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