About the diferent kinds of posts

Note : If anyone has a problem accessing the page to post and you get a message that does not have sufficient privileges to write a message to Spieler. We have made many changes and this may have affected some users.

Important : Please always include an image of at least width 500 px. and audio or video if possible.

And also added the links. (Write the address is not enough. You have to select the text you want to link and click on “link” and then type the address.

Modisti is an archive of information, not a links page. Please include all available information.

If information is missing, an editor will review the post and try to include it and if it is not possible to notify the user that there are problems to carry out the publication.

Internal Posts

If you write a post in the window “what’s new”, this post will be distributed only within this network and is not saved in the archive.

Internal & External Posts (Premium accounts)

If you click on the new post button opens a window to write a post to be published internally and also circulated through the major social networks, RSS feeds, news lists and banner systems, and is part of the permanent ONLINE ARCHIVE.

Please always include an image of at least width 500 px. Please note that this post is disseminated through various channels, banners, etc networks. in which only sees the image and title.