First piece is based on BACH motif, with four blocks of repetitions, interrupted by electronic manipulations of preceding pitches, imagining music of J.S. Bach that is flying in outer space in some Voyager capsule, enlightened and decayed by the astrophysical powers.

Second piece is made of F pitches taken from a harp, M referring to a loose meter they appear in,forming illusion of patterns. Pitches are electronically manipulated to form a level of material that replaces silence. Imagining music of M. Feldman being played/listened buried in the earth.


Experimental musician Martin Rach uses the word imagination (or a variation of it) in several of his releases. It’s Rach’s unapologetic use of the imaginary that gives him a freedom to experiment within the realm of electronic music. The Lithuanian’s latest release, Concerto for Imaginary Ensemble And Electronics on Audiotalaia, is composed of three tracks that display an odd inspiration in the combination of orchestral instruments and the electronic medium. In the album’s second track, “Movement for Strings and Electronics”, Rach gives us glimpses of the standard orchestral fare but always with idiosyncratic twist of noise and distortion. Rach’s journey into the abstraction of orchestra and electronics is a fantastic labyrinth of sound and illusion.