Déphasage #35 – 18.12.13

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This is the last show of 2013 for Déphasage, a perfect moment to offer a fake end-of-the-year-best-of-playlist. From shortwave radios to micro-looped field recordings, it’s a long way to go, but it’s a good one. The summary and the playlist are on the blog. Happy holidays and see you on the 8th of january of 2014 to discover new releases and some new other good things to come in the show. And finally, happy listening and happy reading !

The complete summary is at http://dephasage.tumblr.com/post/70900495395/dephasage-35-18-12-13

Playlist =

01/ The Conet Project – Exotic Cipher, 6.215khz,AM October 5th, 2008 19-27 GMT (Irdial/2013)
02/ The Conet Project – Rapid Descending Tri-Tone (Irdial/2013)
03/ The Conet Project – Rushing Air Sound, 11.492khz (Irdial/2013)
04/ The Conet Project – Deep Nuclear Drone (Irdial/2013)
05/ Janek Schaefer – Maison à Bordeaux (Audioh Recordings/2001)
06/ Israël Quellet – Pour percussions et saturation (2007) (An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music/Sub Rosa/2013)
07/ Henry Jacobs – Sonata for Loudspeakers (1953-54) (An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music/Sub Rosa/2013)
08/ Dominique Lawalrée – Millénaire (Editions Walrus/1982)
09/ Dominique Lawalrée – Now Peace for Beatle John (Editions Walrus/1982)
10/ Toshiya Tsunoda – The sounds of three branches falling down on a tin roof of a small roadside shrine (ο κόκκος της ανοιξης/editions.t/2013)