Harvestworks New York 2013/14 New Works Residencies Announced

The Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence Program is pleased to announce our 2013-2014 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. The applications were reviewed by Paul Geluso (Master Teacher, Chief Recording Engineer, NYU Steinhardt), Laura Blereau (Director Bitforms Gallery NYC), Alexis Bhagat (co-founder <audience>) with support from Harvestworks Director and New York Electronic Art Festival Producer Carol Parkinson.

New Works Residencies

Andrew Demirjian: Music For Subtitles

demirjianAndrew Demirjian is an artist who uses databases, computer programming and audiovisual production to create experimental portraits and landscapes. At Harvestworks he creates Music For Subtitles, a database artwork that uses a large collection of still images from subtitled movies as its source material to create a new digital poem that is a video with multi-channel sound. In the work, static images are isolated from their original context and woven into a new narrative whole.

Art Jones: Hypercartogram

art jones HypercartogramArt Jones works with photography, the moving image, audio, and hybrid media. He will create Hypercartogram, a sound installation with projected video. It is a multichannel, interactive audio map of several cities, punctuated by live action and animated video projected onto a sculptural collage of urban spaces.

Ed Osborn: Palm House Transect

SONY DSCEd Osborn works with many forms of electronic media including installation, video, sound, and performance. At Harvestworks he will create Palm House Transect, a large-scale, site-specific sound installation developed for the greenhouse at the Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York. Built in 1881, it is one of the earliest iron-frame greenhouses in North America and, at 376 feet long, one of the largest of its time. The piece consists of a generative sound composition played through a set of three-dozen loudspeakers spread irregularly throughout the greenhouse structure.

Christina Campanella, Latitude 14: I Went To The Lighthouse (and It Wasn’t There)

christinacampanella_hvstwksComposer and performer Christina Campanella works with music and sound across artistic disciplines. At Harvestworks, she will collaborate with writer Stephanie Fleischmann¬†to¬†co-create¬†I Went To The Lighthouse (and It Wasn’t There), a performance installation that places both the audience and the work’s composer at the center of a multi-speaker sonic environment designed to evoke the visceral sense of an imagined world‚ÄĒthe dimensionality of a place that has been erased by the tumult of rising seas. Using sound spatialization as a compositional tool, the work evokes unique associations in the listener conjured by the physical distribution of ambient and repurposed sound.

Timothy Fodness

fodnessTim Fodness is a sound designer, sound artist, and producer who studied audio engineering at the New School University. At Harvestworks he will create essentially a 5.1 surround sound album. It will consist of sonic landscapes inspired and guided by his own writing process. This process involves the interpretation and re-interpretation of dreams, journaling, storytelling, and stream of consciousness methods. It will be composed, arranged, and mixed in a 5.1 surround sound environment. Sound creation will include field recording, sampling, live instrumentation, Foley art, and analog modular synthesis.

Takashi Horisaki + Nina Horisaki-Christens: Metabolic Morpho-Historia

horisakiTakashi Horisaki and Nina Horisaki-Christens are New York-based sculptors whose work has been exhibited internationally. At Harvestworks they will create Metabolic Morpho-Historia, an interactive performance to be presented at a Soho art space. The project is based on the architectural history of Soho, and will integrate architectural casts made of colored latex, stretched over plastic and wire structures that incorporate sensors, to create modular components that, when rearranged over the course of the performance, trigger sound and/or video refragmented remix mimicking processes of urban development.

Steven Litt: SuperDrum

littSteven Litt is a designer, programmer, and self-taught musician currently living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. At Harvestworks he will design an easy to use, self-amplified, externally controllable robotic percussion instrument, and elaborately document and open-source every aspect of it (software, hardware, fabrication, and use) so it can be used by other artists, as well as duplicated, potentially improved, and expanded. The device is called SuperDrum. He will use his time at Harvestworks to build the first batch, create audio and video to promote the project, and prepare his first performance with us.

Andrea Parkins: Three Rooms in the Memory Palace

parkinsAndrea Parkins is a composer, sound artist and electroacoustic performer who engages with interactive electronic activities. At Harvestworks she creates¬†Three Rooms In The Memory Palace, a 3-part electroacoustic work reflecting her ongoing exploration of poetic interrelationships between physical/acoustical spaces, objects, and human gesture. The work will be presented at a location divisible into 3 separate acoustical spaces (“Rooms”) with 2 locations designated for multi -channel/multi-diffusion installations, and a third for presentation of a live 20-minute electroacoustic piece, scored for a small ensemble with quad-spatialized electronics.

Dana Karwas & Gabriel Winer: Eyes In The Sky

karwasDana Karwas is a designer and educator working in interactive media including installation, architecture, video, web, art, and user centered design. At Harvestworks she and artist Gabriel Winer will create Eyes In The Sky, an unprecedented portrait of the changing face of our planet. Beyond scientific, educational, or informational models, it is a personal and psychological experience of Earth.

Dan Joseph & Andrea Williams

josephwilliamsBrooklyn-based composer Dan Joseph and Oakland-based sound artist Andrea Williams create collaborative electroacoustic soundscapes with hammer dulcimer, field recordings, soundmakers and electronics. At Harvestworks the duo proposed to create a fully produced studio recording suitable for publication on CD or vinyl and a multi-channel mix for installation purposes.

John Driscoll: Virtual Sound Objects

driscollJohn Driscoll is a founding member of Composers Inside Electronics and has collaborated on and managed the Rainforest IV project since its inception in 1973. At Harvestworks he will create Virtual Sound Objects, a new performance work that will immerse the audience in a number of highly focused moving sound fields creating a unique sound experience. This will involve a minimum of three small robotic ultrasonic speakers and one larger ultrasonic speaker mounted on a larger dual axis motor drive unit. These ultrasonic sound fields will be combined with an array of small speakers with highly articulated sound patterns.

Weiwei Jin & Margaret Schedel: The Self

schedelweiwei jinMargaret Anne Schedel is a composer and cellist specializing in the creation and performance of ferociously interactive media whose works have been performed throughout the United States and abroad. Originally from China, Weiwei Jin is a Sweden/UK based composer, sound/multimedia artist, producer and pianist, whom works in both electronic and acoustic music. At Harvestworks they will create The Self, a multimedia installation opera that takes the psychoactive drug Ayahuasca as a thread to reach into its three main characters: a retired US forest servicer, his wife and a Shaman. Based on a fragmented non-linear storytelling drama, created from elements of its situations and characters, and generated by the data of psychoactive drug modified neuronal activities, The Self has neither singers nor accompanying ensemble. It travels the space between an opera and an installation.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency

Amber Hawk Swanson: Five Dolls

swansonAmber Hawk Swanson will work on video edits for her current project, Five Dolls. She will commission five more Amber Dolls in her current likeness and place them in five geographic locations based on the analytics from the last eight years of making her live-performance Doll work.

Educational Scholarships

Educational scholarships were awarded to: Terry Dame, Stephanie Dinkins, Michael Evans, Luke Folger and Christina Wheeler.

About Harvestworks – http://www.harvestworks.org

Harvestworks’ mission is to present experimental artworks created in collaboration with our Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) Lab. The Harvestworks T.E.A.M Lab supports the creation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies and provides an environment for experimentation with project consultants, technicians, instructors and innovative practitioners in all branches of the electronic arts. Our programs are made possible with funds from New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, mediaThe foundation, Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Materials for the Arts, Jerome Foundation, the Edwards Foundation Arts Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Friends of Harvestworks.

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MSRCD048 – Al Sand & Marcio Gibson –
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MSRCD033 – Peter Gossweiler & Diego Dias –
MSRCD031 – J√≥bson Phelps + Tormenta Free –
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A New World Disorder

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