Objet Sonore Lectures

Objet Sonore Lectures

The Objet Sonore Lectures, a new series of talks in Montreal presenting a wide range of topics from interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. The series offers an interdisciplinary platform for presenting new ideas to a diverse audience. The lectures will take place in an informal and intimate environment throughout the months of July and August, with the possibility of continuation into autumn and beyond. Each lecturer will be featured on an episode of the Objet Sonore podcast. The events are free to attend and are also potlucks!

There will be two lectures per event, with each lecture ranging from 20-35 minutes in length.

Lectures (Click on them for more details)
Lecture 1 – July 7 – Ian Pieterse, S.D. Jowett
Lecture 2 – July 14 – Kaja Levy, Adam Kinner
Lecture 3 – July 21 – Erin Gee, Jérôme Guay
Lecture 4 – July 28 – Sarah Friend, Charlie Twitch
Lecture 5 – August 11 – Chris Mariano, Aaron Ball
Lecture 6 – August 18 – Evan Tighe, Marg Rose
Lecture 7 – August 25 – Peter van Haaften, Alan Reed
Lecture 8 – September 1 – Jia Yao, Leigh Gilliam

How to attend: To attend a lecture, you need to RSVP. Please click on the link above for the lecture you want to attend. At the bottom of the page is a form, fill out the details and we will send you an email confirmation with the address to the lecture.

Michael Palumbo
Jamie Woolard

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