AjaxFree – Darisbo . Collaboration Series

Collaboration Series

Guilherme Darisbo¬†and F√°bio A. (Mr.¬†AjaxFree) met at the Azores, in the early 16th century, when they embarked on the main carrack in Duarte Coelho’s fleet, headed to Brazil. They landed on the Brazilian northeast – Captaincy of Pernambuco – and soon after the foundation of the city of Olinda, they have decided to do an album together – which, however, took a long time to be finished.
In 2011, while tending to the harvest of his star anise plantation, located to the south of Sinkiang – Chinese Turkestan -¬†Darisbo¬†sent an email toAjaxFree¬†with the first sketches of the disc.AjaxFree, then a top executive of a big Belgian communications company, was so impressed with¬†Darisbo‘s lateness that he left his job and moved to Iqaluit, Canada, where he could immediately begin his part of their work.
Due to problems with the internet connection, they decided that – it was simpler than uploading their files to an FTP, they think – to simply send the files in pendrives to a post office in Goma, Congo-Kinshasa, from where it would be retrieved by an emissary. However, because of problems with customs and borders, the pendrives – numbering 60 – were only recovered by late December, 2012, being then sent to Salto, Uruguay, where the mixing and mastering of the record was done.
Besides the disc, the project will also include an adaptation for theater, combining the narratives of Clarice Lispector with Butoh dance. The creation of this part of the work has not been yet begun.
Guilherme Darisbo
(Porto Alegre, Brasil, Feb 2013)


thank u’s:
To mom & Ratzinger.

Recorded by Guilherme Darisbo & AjaxFree at Porto Alegre & Sao Paulo, between 2011-2012.

Guilherme Darisbo on 1, 2, 3, 4: electric and acoustic guitars, bow, effects, pan lid, Zoom H2, papabolinha, mix.

Diego Dias on 3: saxes.

André de Castro on 3: saxes.

F√°bio A. (AjaxFree) on 5, 6, 7, 8: samples, piano, vocals, effects, computers.

Artwork by Darisbo.

Mastering by Darisbo (track 1, 2, 3, 4), AjaxFree(tracks 5, 6, 7, 8).

Review inglish version by Marcelo Kanter + Gustavo Bode + Guilherme Darisbo.

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