As any filmmaker knows, one of the most powerful aspects of music is its ability to construct emotional arcs and guide narrative by purely sonic means. Simultaneously ethereal and concrete, both spectral and textural, Planet X—the debut collaboration between guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu and violist Ulrich Mertin—tells the story of the appearance in the sky of a new heavenly body and follows one hapless explorer’s quest to discover what lies at its heart.

Over the course of two years, Helvacioglu and Mertin composed and crafted this project, building up layers of jagged scratching sounds, plaintive melodies, percussive hits, and dark drones. The two artists grounded the sound of the album in strings but also employed unorthodox recording techniques, sophisticated processing algorithms, and multi-tracking to achieve a rich, complex, resonant texture. Throughout, the sound is unmistakably forwardlooking, evocative of the project’s science fiction themes
and redolent of the eerie, sometimes dark feel of sci-fi films like “Alien,” “Moon,” and “2001.”

Produced by : Erdem Helvacioglu and Ulrich Mertin

Composed by : Erdem Helvacioglu and Ulrich Mertin
Recorded by : Erdem Helvacioglu, HELVACIOGLU Studio, Istanbul
Mixed by : Erdem Helvacioglu
Mastered by : Pieter Snapper, Babajim Istanbul Studios & Mastering< Photos : Levent Morgok, Nalan Kilimci Design : Philip Blackburn Date : 2012 Format : CD Record label : Innova Innova Records


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Erdem Helvacioglu / Ulrich Mertin . Planet X, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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