quiet cue #056
THURSDAY, MAY 19th – doors open 8.30PM

Johnny Chang (solo violin + spatial sound amplification)
Annette Krebs
Radu Malfatti

Radu Malfatti’s fordan (written for Dan Warbuton) gently and
persistently probes the listener’s perceptions of time and space,
with a minimal of distractions from physically tangible sonic materials.
This sense of timing and space is further explored and exploited in
Annette Kreb’s site-specific composition for solo performer. The
sounds associated with Quiet Cue and the Staalplaat environs are
considered as viable sonic palette – in a sense, the place becomes
the score.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

a special bulletin by
Mat Pogo (actual voice)
Nicolas Wiese (virtual voices)

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