2011 Final Report: A few word by The Field Reporter

The Field Reporter was created with the sole purpose to address the use of field recordings and the action of capturing sounds in the creative process of the music and sound art fields. On its first four months The Field Reporter reviewed 35 works that ranged from raw unedited phonographic material to works where the captures were highly processed and edited. TFR reviewed the works of established well-known artists such as Dallas Simpson, Fransisco Lopez and Chris Watson and also works from surging and promising young artists such as MimosalMoize, Phonic Psychomimesis and Signe Liden.

Capturing sounds is an action of deep and profound meaning where memory, perception, consciousness and feelings are deeply involved and this is what The Field Reporter is all about, the link between the original listening experience of the artist and the resulting experience of the listener when the sound work is revealed to him.

For the last article of 2011 we asked our editors, contributors and some external artists, curators, managers and journalists to send a list of the works they thought were the most relevant during 2011.